Heroes 5-0

Hawai'i Stories



“Heroes 5-O” is a library of Hawai’i stories and a collection of memories, anticipations, dream-escapes, and yet-to-be-realized successes.  Each post presented here has been created with a touch of history, humor, imagination—and with that relentless expectation to make dreams, reality.

Visit as you please, and, in the process, we hope you capture the nuances and the spirit of our Hawai’i… and our very being.

Images with permission—

B-Haku Lei

2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Not many changes anticipated for 2017. I will make more income on my rental property than last year,for sure.
    I bought an energy star refrigerator,so my electric bill will be lower and I don’t let the water run when brushing my teeth,anymore.
    My weight has stabilized.
    Food prices have gone up,again.Gasoline is about $2.45 a gallon,but I don’t drive much.
    Maybe more rental income will be eaten by inflation.
    I still want to go to Las Vegas in 2017. Maybe in April.
    Our new President will bring changes. We all will see what happens.

    Seattle Steve.

  2. just looking at the pictures makes me reminded my years in Hawaii as a high school kid. It made me feel so relaxed and at peace. Nice pictures and words. Thanks for sharing. Awesome!!

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